Healing Seminars for 2018: 




 Healing Seminars and School of Transformation to be announced



If you or someone you know needs healing in their body,
you’re interested in finding out what the Word of God says concerning healing or have an interest in starting or coming alongside a healing room, come to one of our Healing Seminars. Please contact us if you would like to have a Healing Seminar in your area or church. To find the most current information and more details: please visit this website at www.healingroomsrock.org or
call 303-932-7633.



The Healing Seminars are for those walking or standing in their healing. Those who also should attend are: men, women, and youth who have a burden and are willing to pay any price to see the sick healed.

We will study and share the promises of healing from God’s Word and His divine provision for His children. It is to assure that not only is God able to heal, but that He wants to.

Some of the classes include:

God’s many promises concerning healing for His people

the special anointing that empowers us to minister healing

roadblocks to healing, things that often get in the way of a person’s receiving God’s promises

the spiritual authority we have as Spirit-filled believers and the baptism of the Holy Spirit that seals us and enables us to flow in God’s power

the provision of divine healing as part of our salvation

Our desire is to see the manifestation of healing increase in God’s people by making available a constant source of the understanding of the provision in the Word on healing.

The key here is we are not trained up as counselors, or as a deliverance ministry, but we are trained up to receive the presence of the Holy Spirit to come and do the work.

If you would like to have a Healing Seminar in your area or church with the Colorado State Directors for IAHR Healing Rooms, please contact us at Healing Rooms from the Rockies, PO Box 620493, Littleton, CO 80162-0493 • 303-932-7633 or fax 303-932-2166 E-mail us at: