Jesus is the only Healer and He healed them all! Praise be to Him only, for He has done great things in our midst!

8/29/11 Jesus released me from guilt and pain
I came carrying the death of my son on my shoulders causing physical back problems. Jesus released me from guilt and the physical pain.- Eleanor

8/29/11 Flu symptoms gone, also, dog was healed
I was healed of flu symptoms that lasted for 4 weeks. During prayer, I felt a release of symptoms with heat & sweats. 2 weeks ago, the team prayed for my sick dog and the vet said she was completely healed. -Patty

8/22/11 Agreements made with the enemy broken
The Holy Spirit broke all of the agreements I had made with the enemy. I felt the presence of God...perfect peace. God replaced my immune system. -Kat

8/22/11 Deliverance by the Holy Spirit
I was a product of physical and sexual abuse since the age of 3. Today I was delivered from these tormenting demons in my life. Today I became born again. Jesus spoke into my life that I am worthy!!! - Denise

8-15-11 God’s Love for Me
“Many years I have had doubts of His unconditional love. His presence was enormous and He healed me from head to toe. What a wonderful feeling to have been touched by the Lord.- Ana

6-27-11 Wonderful Experience
“Wonderful experience. My sinus and T.M.J. feel much better. The gift of knowledge was right on, in my life to forgive and to move forward. God’s presence in these ministries is very evident!”— Dan

6-27-11 Finger Healed
“I injured my left finger two weeks ago, but tonight I got healed by the Almighty God! I can now move it, and I’ve have no discoloring in my hand, and no pain at all.
Thank You, Jesus.” - James

6-13-11 Set Free
“I was set free from fear and unforgiveness from my past due to sexual abuse in my childhood. Spirits of hatred and unforgiveness left. The heaviness I carried in my spirit is now gone and I feel cleanliness inside me once again. I received the gift of tongues tonight. Thank You, Jesus, for setting me free!” - Matt

5-24-11 Forgiveness Being Restored
“Forgiveness being restored. Today I was able to find forgiveness in my heart. It is beginning. I also felt less pain.” - Mandie

5/16/11 Jesus Restored Feet!
“Both feet were painful with poor circulation and swelling. Upon being prayed for, my feet felt hot and tingly. My shoes became looser and the pain was gone! I could jump up and down without falling. Praise God! I have new feet and got straight out of the chair!” - Mercedes

4/19/11 Healed from neck injury.
“For over 4 years after a neck injury I had constant pain, headaches, lack of energy, and difficulty sleeping. Two years ago I came for prayer. The next morning I realized I had the best sleep!
The pain is gone, energy level increases daily. I look forward to work now. Praise the Lord! - Bob

4/19/11 Redeemed
“A team member prayed and told me I am redeemed from the curse. I spoke out that I was redeemed from every curse and every symptom of sickness left my body for the first time in years!” - Lisa

5/17/11 Holy Spirit Shows Up!
“I went in for prayer and back pain. I was amazed when the Holy Spirit adjusted my hips! I feel His anointing so strongly.
I praise Him continually for loving me enough to “always show up”. Praise Him!” -Lauren

5/9/11 Healing In Hand
“Praise that I received healing in my right hand; reduced swelling, decreased pain, and renewed strength.” Dianna

4/26/11 God Heals!
(January 2011): “Woke up with severe joint pain over all my main joints. After 3 months of standing in the Word, I am totally healed. ”Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but he Lord delivers us from them all.” — Gloria

3/27/11 Completely Healed!
“I can eat without feeling ill. Breathing, sinuses, ears healed. I had been ill since September 2010. Thank you and I praise God! I’m telling everyone what God has done. Thank you, Healing Rooms.” — Lauren

3/27/11 Jesus Rescued Me!
“Jesus met me tonight. He anointed me with His Holy Spirit. He has healed my torn soul and broken spirit. He blessed me with a special language that only He and I share. He rescued me from death many times. Tonight He healed ailments from my head to my toes. Jesus is Great!” — Heather

3/21/11 New Knees!
“I felt the peace of God throughout me. Something lifted from my head and was replaced with something like a new body. For over 3 years I haven’t been able to use my knees. Today I used my knees and I know that God gave me two new knees. Praise God! I give you glory and honor! I am renewed in the Holy Spirit. God will move mountains in my life.” — Mercedes

2/21/11 Healing
The first time I went to the Healing Rooms, I had a cold & was having difficulty with some anger problems. After I was prayed for, my nose was not stuffy and I felt a lot better. The stuffiness from my head had lifted. I was angry and after the team prayed, I felt peaceful & hopeful that I could deal with the problem. I even got the gift of tongues. Praise God and thank you for your ministry. - Marci

2/21/11 Body Aligned!
“Jesus brought into alignment my legs. While the prayer team prayed, my left arm grew longer than my right (3-3.5cm) - Finally, both were the same length. The Lord adjusted my uneven hips. There had been pain in my right shoulder for 19 years. My ribs went into place and strength came into my spine. Both shoulders are even now. Jesus aligned my whole skeleton system! Praise Him! — Mercedes

2/14/11 Healing!
“For months I was sick with mono, and my immune system was shot. The team prayed twice for me. God’s power was strong as He spoke to me and said, “It’s not your works it’s MY gift.” I truly knew I was worthy of His healing. That night He told me to pray for my stomach. As I did, my healing emerged. I am healed and no longer in pain. Amen!” —— Lauren

1/24/11 Felt God’s Power
“The Healing Room team prayed over me. I felt God’s power strongly. I felt a healing of emotion. The pain in my ear, gland, and sinuses vanished. One intercessor spoke to me and said, “God said, ‘You’re My precious daughter.” I felt His forgiveness wash over me. Praise God!” ——Lauren

12/12/10 Progressive Healings of Bowel
“ Over the past 2-3 years I have been coming to the healing rooms. I was violently ill with a bowel condition. Now it’s almost completely healed. It’s progressive healing, and I believe I will walk in total divine health! Praise Jesus!” —— Lisa

11/22/10 Pain/ Numbness Gone
“I had shoulder pain and numbness in my fingers. It went away during prayer.” — Cynthia

11/22/10 Blessed by God!
“I have received the gifts of a transforming mind and singing, dancing, and spreading joy to others. I thank God for healing me, a sinner.” —Andrew C.

11/01/10 Knees Healed!
“The prayer team prayed for my knees and my knees were instantly healed, also my back. Heat started and I was sweating. There is no more pain in my back!”- Patty

10/04/10 Pain Ceased!
“Neurological and muscular pain has ceased. Waves of light and water washed over and through me. Trauma, pain, and tremors ceased. Spirit of hope renewed. Feelings of ease and flow have returned. Praise and Amen! — Joan C.

10/04/10 Right Knee Totally Restored!
“It (pain) had been annoying, with weakness, for months. It kept me from serious hiking and mountain climbing. Enough to keeping me from “walking” the high trails with Jesus (in the mountains and elsewhere), which I am called to walk!” —Richard S.

7/26/10 Jesus Healed Her Knee!
“Months ago x-rays and an MRI confirmed a torn meniscus in my left knee. Surgery was advised. I believed God instead. Jesus paid the full price for my healing. Today, months after prayer, I’ve not had any pain or weakness from that injury! No surgery. Thank You, God! Praise You!—Deborah

7/26/10 Pearls Found
“Right after Easter my pearl necklace and earrings were missing. They were precious to me and expensive, so I asked God to restore them. This summer in the Healing Rooms MaryAnne prayer for a health issue for me. The Holy Spirit showed her a huge, open clam shell. I told her about the pearls and we agreed they’d be found. A few days ago was delighted to find them! God is so good and faithful.” — Deborah

7/26/10 Baby James Progressing
“My grandnephew, baby James, was born with an incomplete small intestine due to a genetic complication. Consequently, he was not developing according to the “norms”. I “stood- in- the- gap” as the team prayed over me for James. I also sent a prayed-over toy and cloth to him. In the last 2 weeks since the prayer he has progressed from not making any baby sounds to trying to speak, and his legs are much stronger.” — Donna

7/26/10 Eye Pressure Normal
“Elevated eye pressure causes glaucoma. Today I had an extensive eye exam, and the pressure is in the normal range. Thank all of you for praying and agreeing with me.” — Ruth

5/17/10 Twice Blessed: Knee and Sinuses
“The last two times in the Healing Room physical healing in my right knee occurred. I’m now able to exercise, walk, and ride the bike. I claim total healing! Tonight they prayed for sinus healing. My sinuses are draining! Praise Jesus! Prayer does change things! The Lord is my Healer! Praise His mighty name!” — Carol

5/3/10 Housing Improved!
“We prayed about the poor management of our housing complex. Two days later the authorities REALLY cam down on the manager. Thank You, Jesus!”—Carol Joy

4/26/10 Pain/Emotions Healed
“Holy Spirit from above came down as the team ministered healing in kidneys, back, and heart. All pain left! Also, controlling memories left (trauma, guilt, and fear) from my daughter and grandson’s death. I was able to forgive others for their part. Jesus loves them so much. Glory to God!” —Katie

4/5/10 Can Hear!
“I heard whispering—Praise the Lord!” — Carol Joy

3/29/10 Wonderful Blessings/Medical Miracles
“My leg grew out and I felt release from pain in areas of prior surgery. Washed in Him head to toe. His love poured over me in wonderful ways. I felt very warm in receiving many wonderful blessings and medical miracles!” — Hea Suk

3/29/10 Walking without Cast!
“In January 2010 I had surgery on a broken ankle. Six screws and a metal rod were placed in my ankle and leg. In March, I came to the Healing Room. Three people laid hands on me and prayed. I removed my air cast and “danced” out of the room. My foot had been very frail prior to this and I could place VERY little weight on it. I saw MUSCLES form before my eyes! I walked out with no cast. Praise God!” —Heather

3/29/10 God Protects Me
“Praise You, Lord for all You are doing for me! You have protected me from the harmful residents of the HUD building in which I reside. Thank you for powerful prayers at the Healing Room. I am able to come very Monday.” —Carol Joy

3/22/10 Pancreas: Feeling Better
“I was having some pancreas problems. After being prayed for I am feeling better.” — Mel

3/22/10 Decreased Pain
“I had lung surgery, and had pain on my right side. I was prayed for and the pain is less.” — Henny

3/22/10 Vision is Increasing!
I am a substitute teacher in Denver public schools. This past year I have been praying (in secret) for a particular little first grade boy, and I touch him and pray in the H.S. that his blind eyes would see. I gave him a Healing Room cloth and a little stuffed lion. The full-time teachers were saying that he is seeing more and more. (They didn’t know I’d been praying.)! Thank You, Jesus!” —Jane

3/22/10 Pain Gone! “I have had pain in my arm and in my head for a long time. Tonight at the Healing Room Jesus healed me. I feel relief from all pain. The spirits of torment have left me!!” — Delores

3/22/10 New Baby-New Job!
“We prayed for my daughter and hear family—That her baby would come soon, and that her husband would get a job so that she might spend time at home with her baby. The baby arrived after only 3 hours, 20 minutes labor! Her husband found a new job one week later! (He was able to spend time with the baby and her).” — Beverly

3/15/10 Depression Going Away
“My depression is going away, and I feel Jesus’ love daily. My knees are getting stronger, and I have no pain.” — Diane

2/15/10 Back Pain Gone!
”Pain and stiffness between the shoulder blades and upper neck.
Pain is totally gone! Praise the Lord!” — Wayne

2/15/10 Prayer for Knee/Inner Trauma
“I felt heat in the bottom of my foot when the team prayed for my knee. The knee-healing I receive in faith—Looking forward to doctors being confounded on Friday. Also received inner healing for trauma. Physical adjustment to spine and T.M.J. Praise God! “ —Susan

2/15/10 Knee Improved
“Tonight my legs were prayed over, and I felt more freedom of movement in my left knee than I have had in a long time. Praise the Lord!”—Dina

2/01/10 No Leg Pain
“I was/am scheduled for a full (L) knee replacement: However, there is something going on inside the knees, and they both feel looser...I feel almost no pain now. Whether God completes this healing through a doctor or without is fine with me. I feel very peaceful, and I can bend both knees. Amen.” —Mary

1/25/10 Foot Pain Gone!
“A large blood vessel on the bottom of my foot had broken causing swelling and tenderness. My foot healed, but sensitivity and pain are gone. Thank You, Lord Jesus.” — Deborah

1/25/10 Foot is Healing
“My foot was injured in 1982 while repelling. Continuous pain, discomfort, and swelling were taking place. After visiting the Healing Rooms, the foot has become functional, and I have much less pain. Praise God!” — W. Alan

12/14/09 Healing in Knee and Back
“I received healing in my knee and back. Prophetic words were given to me about “seeking first the Kingdom and all things will be added unto me.” — Kevin

10/12/09 Ankle Healed
“I had an injured left ankle. It would feel better, and then the pain would return. It was getting worse. Pain ran up my leg. After prayer the pain and soreness left, and I no longer walked with a limp. Praise God!!” — Wanda

10/12/09 Jesus’ Presence Healed
“While praying, I saw Jesus praying over me, then raising His arms in glory and taking all of my problems from me. I feel joy! I feel lighter than when I came in—less tired. I know God has healed me.” — Cindy

10/09 Body Straightened
“Jesus straightened out my body and made me straight and strong! Aligned! Thank you, Jesus for what You do for me! I love You! Praise Your holy name.” —Dottie

10/05/09 Husband Healing!
“Prayer were said last Monday for my husband and sister-in-law. My husband was hospitalized with widespread infection, but improved and came home four days later. My sister-in-law had advanced liver failure and was given only a few days to live. She has now surpassed the life expectancy predicted by the doctor. Praise the Lord!” —Marian

9/14/09 Jesus Restoring Family
“Wow! God’s presence touched my body and my soul! His presence overwhelmed me and He spoke to me in a sweet way. It confirmed what He has spoken to me before, regarding restoration of my mom. I know that we are all going to serve the Lord one day.” —Tamar

9/14/09 Head and Neck Aligned
“My head didn’t sit normally on my spine. After the team laid hands on me, I was able to tip my head as I could not do before. Jesus touched me from the top of my head to the bottom of my sole (and soul). Praise the Lord!” —Ruth

2/15/09 Reduced Swelling in Knee
“When the team prayed over my arthritic knee, the swelling went down—Right before our eyes.” —Helen

8/31/09 Only Jesus Heals!
“All stress—mental and spiritual relief. I am more excited about Jesus. He touched my heart. Only Jesus heals, whether directly from God or through medicine.”
— Hanna

7/20/09 Oppression Lifted!
“I had not bee in to the Healing Room for quite some time. I really needed prayer for things I had been experiencing over several months. It’s after driving around for nearly two hours (as though the “enemy” tried to keep me away) that I found the church. My whole being felt heavy until the team prayed for me. So much was lifted and broken off.! I feel “light”. Praise God!”— Deborah

7/13/09 Shoulder Being Healed
“I have had surgery on my shoulder tendon, which was torn in two. Tonight as the team prayed for me, the Lord loosened the soreness, stiffness, and tightness in my arm and muscles, and it was strengthened. He enabled me to stretch the arms and to reach higher than I had been able to.” —Donna

6/29/09 Pain Gone
“I’m out of pain from the hepatitis and abdominal problems. I feel the Holy Spirit working through my body!” — Tawnia

6/8/09 No Back Pain
“As they were praying for my back, I could feel warmth along my spine. It was like little fingers going all the way down my back. The warmth was amazing.I am sitting here writing this now with no pain!! PRAISE GOD!!— Patti

5/3/09 Filled with God’s Love!
“I was filled with pain, hate, and sadness. They prayed for me, and I feel 100% better. I am filled with God’s love right now.” — Don

3/ 09 Liver Healed
“I stood in for prayer for my little sister-in-law who was in liver failure. She was given a 50% chance to survive long enough to get a transplant in 5 months. In March, after we had prayed for her, she had a CAT scan. Her liver function had gone from 2,000 down to 152, just slightly above normal. She no longer needs a liver transplant. There’s just slight scarring in her liver. Thank You, Jesus!” — Steve

2/16/09 Sciatica Healed“On Monday, Feb. 2nd I had another sciatic attack—(I couldn’t walk easily or straighten up). Another teacher had to take my class.I came to the Healing Room, and was healed from sciatica in the name of Jesus! I left skipping, whereas I walked in bent and in pain. Praise Jesus! The honor and glory are His! “ —Diane

2/16/09 Set Free!!
“I had demonic oppression from a witch in my office, and from an encounter with demons during a deliverance session, resulting in fear of the demonic. Well, the Lord set me free with a double-over belly laugh, at the plans of the enemy! Ha-ha-ha! My stomach is still aching from such a great laugh, and I feel great! Thank You, Jesus!” — Christina

1/19/09 Healed from Spider Bite
“I had a spider bite. My right leg was swollen with pain. The Healing Room team prayed against the spider poison and I was instantly healed. The next day I went for a walk with my dogs, and proved total healing of my leg.” — Dale

1/19/09 Holy Spirit Baptism/Vision/Love and Peace
“Tonight I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time, feeling His presence in me. I had a vision of an angel near me who wrapped his wings around my broken heart and body. I could finally feel love and peace for the first time in many, many years. Thank You, Lord.”—Alisa

12/08/08 Delivered
“Jesus released me from curses placed on me by witchcraft as well as oppression and heaviness. There were knots in my shoulders, and they are grace. The “heaviness” is gone.” — Carol

12/29/08 Freed of Chronic Health Problems
“I had suffered for seven years with chronic health problems: inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue, etc. .... I came to the Healing Rooms twice. They prayed over the health issues. The second visit they had me remove Freemason ties. I know I was totally free at last!! It has been a major battle that cost me a lot over the years. God gave me victory!!!” — Christina

11/24/08 Pain Gone!
“This night when the Healing Room team prayed for me, the pain left my body. I give thanks and praise to my Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen!” — Mira

11/23/08 Neck Being Healed
“Today I had prayer, and the Lord touched my neck. I was able to move my neck to the right with more mobility. I also was able to move my neck downward touching my chin to my chest.” —Mary

11/10/08 All Pain Gone!
“By His stripes I was (AM) healed. After 32 years I HAVE been and AM healed of : 1. Ankle pain 2. Neck pain 3. Back pain. (I had been injured in a motorcycle accident years ago). THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” —— Linda

10/27/08 Refreshed!
“Praise God! He has started a healing in my feet, ankles, body and my life. By faith it is being manifested, and I feel refreshed and great. I am delivered from the itches in my body.” —Sheline

10/20/08 No Arthritis Pain
“I am healed from arthritis in my neck, back, and my hands.” — Beverly

10/6/08 Joy Restored! Pain Lessening
“God showed me while I waited that a spirit of fear was holding me. After prayer I felt joy rise up in me. My hip (needing surgery) was prayed for also as well as all of my joints. Already much better. Cleansing in kidneys, blood from the works of medicine damage. Thank You, Jesus.” — Mary

8/23/08 Stroke Symptoms Improved
“Stroke symptoms are lessened. I wrote this with my afflicted hand. First time doing this.” —Jerold

8/4/08 Being Conformed to Holiness for Ministry
“ Where to begin? I have been here twice. God moves so powerfully in this place! My ministry is financial. God not only is retiring all my personal business debt, but has also positioned me to find the End-Time Harvest. Praise God! I am positioned to provide hundreds of thousands into God’s anointed work— He is calling me to a life of holiness!! Daily I am seeing His work regarding my life of holiness.” —Phil

7/14/08 He Took My Pain!
“I received prayer for my back and leg, which had a great deal of pain. I felt a lot of the pain leave. I am believing God for a new spine from the warehouse in heaven! Praise the Lord! He had brought healing to me, and I will bring it to others.”— James

7/6/08 Pain Free!!
“I came tonight with pain throughout my body and migraine, shoulder, arm, back, and eyes. Jesus met me and set me free! No more pain! I could stretch my body, and I cried out to the Lord, “Praise the Living God of the Universe!” —Jodie

6/23/08 Knee Improved
“My right knee has no pain. It is not hurting in the joint.” —Stephen

6/23/08 Wonders and Miracles
“I am still bathing in God’s wonders and miracles! He healed the allergies—and my tormented mind. Memories of family and other curses I’d kicked up throughout my life. Pain I cannot begin to explain. God eased my mind and gave me hope. Hope and forgiveness for myself, and love for myself. He loves me!” —Jeena

6/23/08 Spine Pain Relieved
“The team and I identified a book in my home that was an offense to God. I released the book, saying that ‘ it will be released tonight’. The hip pain left, as well as the weight of stress on my spine. As we prayed, the back pain began to release. I stretched my back and heard some popping. It feels great!” —Jo Anne

6/23/08 Pain/Fear Gone
“As I lay on the floor I heard Jesus say, “I’m a new wineskin. The new hope was come, the old has passed away.” All body pain is gone! The fear is gone! Jesus is amazing and His love covers everything! Amen! Thank You, Jesus.”—Ana

6/16/08 Swelling and Pain Gone!
“I had swelling and pain in my foot and ankle. The team anointed me prayer leader anointed me. She prayed for a body alignment. My shoulders and back relaxed. She then anointed my foot. It was almost immediate: The swelling, as observed, is gone, and pain subsided and disappeared. Glory to God!!!!” —Eleanor

6/16/08 Power Filled Prayers
“ Prayer for healing of swelling led to prayer for generational curses and things of the past. Very powerful!” —Evelyn

6/2/08 Holy Spirit Baptism! Ears Opened!
“God opened my ears tonight! I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit also.”— Ariette

6/2/08 Joy Restored! Dancing!
“I now have more of the Lord and the Holy Spirit—He made me laugh again and restored my joy! He released me from fear and anxiety. The pain is gone, and I can dance before the Lord. Praise God!” —Dana

6/2/08 Shoulder/Sinuses Healed
“God healed my left shoulder. I can put my arm behind my back. The sinuses are being healed.” — Joyce

5/08 Job Restored!
“Many had prayed about my job driving an RTD bus for the handicapped. Negative incident had occurred there, and I feared the job wouldn’t last and I couldn’t get another, due to health issues. Thankfully, I have been restored. I even received a regular annual raise. Thanks to all who prayed for and with me. It meant so much to get through this.”—Anita

4/29/08 Physical and Spiritual Healing
“Physical healing is slowly coming about, as is spiritual healing. I am blessed by the Lord!”—Hea Suk

4/14/08 God Has Healed my Brother
“Last December we prayed here for my brother, David, who lives in Nicaragua. He was suffering from a deep depression and anemia. I am grateful to in form you that he has had a tremendous improvement, and that he is rapidly getting healthy. Thanks to God! “ —Gerardo

4/14/08 Set Free and Healed
“Amazing! God delivered me from the oppression of Hinduism. He brought healing to my total body. He blessed me with the gift of tongues. I am lighter, and finally have a smile on my face and a hope in my heart. Amen! “ — Gayle

3/31/08 Spiritually Restored!
“During a healing school session a team member prayed over me. I felt God’s presence since early 2001. After a ministry ended that year (in which I had been working). I felt a lack of the Holy Ghost. After she prayed, I began weeping in tongues——So precious to me. I have come full circle, and have been restored. Hallelujah!”——Jerry

3/31/08 No Shoulder Pain
“I received healing in my right shoulder while being prayed for. I was able to lift a full water bottle straight over my head without pain. Praise God!” —Lloyd

3/24/08 Knee Instantly Healed!
“I severely twisted my knee and was put in a full-leg brace, being told by the doctor that it would take 1-2 months to heal.During a healing class at our Church 5 days later, a team member told me to remove the brace, and she tossed it aside. Within minutes I could stand, walk, and twist my knee back and forth. I now have full use of my knee. GLORY to our powerful God: The HEALER!” — Lisa

3/04/08 Foot Pain Gone
“I had pain in my left foot for two years. I could not walk without terrible pain. The Healing Room prayed for me, and I wakened the following morning, pain free!! Jesus healed me! I have also been delivered from fear, and am able to sleep at night. Jesus loves and cares for me! It is like sweet-kisses from heaven!” — Sarah

3/3/08 A Breakthrough
“Tonight I received healing of arthritis pain in shoulder and knees. I received a heavenly language and a new closeness to God! I made a breakthrough in becoming closer to God, with peace and joy! I look forward to continued healing as God heals the stomach pain, and strengthens my bones and joints.” —Heather

2/26/08 Heartbreak Mended
“I came for a broken engagement. They prayed for soul-ties to be broken off, rejection to go, and a healing of my heart. When I saw my ex-fiance I knew the ties were broken, as did he. No more tears! The next day I felt joy, and had the strength I needed for moving on with my life.” — Jacqueline

2/18/08 Spirit Set Free
“A team member prayed that my spirit-man would come to the front. The next several days I was so free and filled with the Holy Spirit, praying in tongues and heading the Word more than I had in awhile. I am brought back to life! At work I have high energy and praise the Lord throughout the day. Thank you!” — Anita

2/12/08 Existence a Miracle!
“I take care of a woman whom doctors dad told would die in May 11th or 12th, 2007, at the latest. You have prayed for her these 9 months. After returning home from hospice she was mostly bedridden for 2-3 weeks. Though she still sleeps a lot, she is mostly independent now: no pain, good appetite, walks without assistance, and sleeps well. The whole of her present existence is a miracle and your prayers have brought this grace and mercy into this house bringing a life where it did not exist.” —Mary

12/3/08 Emotional/Spiritual Breakthrough
“Everytime I have come here there has been some type of breakthrough. I have breakthroughs in my mind, and it seems that I die to old thinking. My faith is increased. I have hope, and I see how God is causing me to transform.” —Kathy

10/29/07 Healed of Lump on Neck
“I came into the Healing Room last week for the healing of a lump on my neck. Some tests and blood tests this week were negative. Thank You, Jesus, that You redeemed me from the curse of whatever the lump was. I love You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus! In the past I was healed by Your Word, Father, at the Healing Rooms from a gagging cough and fibromyalgia .” —Diane

10/22/07 Pain Knee Decreased!
“The pain in my knees so decreased. The power of God gave me peace and a new love for my husband. Thank you all for being here and bringing God’s healing for my body, soul, and spirit. God bless you. I love you!”—Joyce

10/15/07 Severe Back Pain Gone!
“Diagnosed with stress fractures in lower vertebrae I could not bend without pain. I gave it to the Lord through prayer here at the Healing Rooms with the prayer partners. Immediately I could bend and touch my toes without pain. Praise God, Glory to God, Thank You, Jesus!”—Liz

8/13/07 Fear Cast Out
“Three team members who believe the Word of God prayed for me, and I felt release in my Spirit, and a cleansing in my body. Fear in my life was the identified and addressed by them. I have been set free, and healed of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I walk in health, thanks to God! Thank you prayer team!” —Carol

8/6/07 Alignment of Spine
“My spine, hips, and shoulders were misaligned when I came in. The team prayed, and I witnessed our Lord do His work,...My legs and arm lined up! Our Lord is so cool! I’d not experienced healing like that before! Glory!” —Lisa

7/9/07 Healed of Tremors! Knees Healing!
“I can write letters without tremors! My right knee replacement is much better. My left knee was bone on bone. I walked across the floor to this table without my cane! I’m scheduled for knee replacement surgery August 20, 2007. I might have to cancel—Praise Jesus!” — Sharla

7/09/07 Fracture Elbow Healed
“Two months ago I fell, injuring my knee, left arm, and right elbow. Within a month all outward signs had healed, though I still experienced stabbing pain in my elbow. On June 25th I came to the Healing Rooms, where a team prayed for me. One lady mentioned a hairline fracture. I felt the Lord’s healing power touch my elbow and down the arm. I know it is healed as the pain is gone.” —Patti

7/2/07 Back Pain Gone!
“Severe back pain and stressed! The presence of God was in the Healing Rooms and with the teams. My back pain left! Great sense of peace! Praise God!!” —Cindy

6/18/07 Knees Stronger
“My knees feel stronger, and I believe that I will be able to exercise and walk to strengthen them even more. Thank You, my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Father, and Holy Spirit for walking with me to eternal life, now and forever. I love You.” —John

4/30/07 Heart Healed!
“In 2003 I had stints put in my heart. A recent stress test and heart scan revealed that my heart is perfect—Healed. Thank You, Jesus. He healed my emotionally broken heart, also. “—Patty

4/30/07 Hip Pain Gone/Freedom!
“I was freed from pain in my hip, and freed from generational curses. I have a Jesus overhaul from head to toe!”—Chris

4/30/07 Prayers for Salvation in Bearing Fruit.
“Prayed for son’s salvation and health last week. He ran into a man he used to work for, who is now a pastor. The pastor invited him to his church, and my son is excited to go! My son’s girlfriend’s father died. In renovating his home, the new owners found painted on the subfloor: “Jesus Christ is Lord—Thank You, God, for this home.” It touched them both deeply.” ——Gaynell

4/30/07 Foot Pain Gone!
“After prayer here last week I kept thanking God for healing me of diabetes with foot pain being a big problem. A few days later the constant pain was gone! Thank You, Jesus! I’m waiting for blood test results showing no more diabetes, since a new pancreas was prayed for also.”—Anita

4/23/07 Holy Ghost Relieves Pain/Tension
“I had tension in my head and vertebrae. A left arm ganglia was swollen, and I experienced pain there in my hands. Prayer and the Holy Ghost relieved it all. Hallelujah!” — Kay

4/23/07 Knee Healed
“My knee was in a great deal of pain when I came in for healing prayer. During prayer the pain subsided. Thank you to the staff and above all: Thank You, Jesus!” —Timothy

4/9/07 Abdominal Area Healed!
“ I had what felt like a “brick” in my back that pushed my intestines to the front of my body. That is now gone! Still have some symptoms, 1/3 of what they were. Spirit of abortion was prayed off my family. Doors of business are opening for us!” —Lisa

4/07 Peace Restored/ Foot Healing
“Ever since coming to the Healing Rooms my anxiety has become less. The cyst on my neck has gone down. Today when my toe was prayed for a surge of heat came to my foot. I just want to thank all of you here—and the Lord—for everything you have prayed for my children and many, many more issues. Thank You, Lord and God bless you all.”—Carla

3/26/07 Pelvis Aligned/Hip and Back Pain/Free
“I came to the Healing Room in early March. The team prayed for my pelvis to be aligned. I had come because of arthritis in my knee. In the days that followed to the present, my hip has remained aligned. I can walk freer, and there is no pain in my hips and back. To Jesus be honor and glory.” —Donna

3/26/07 Breast Tumor Gone!
“I was healed of a tumor and shadows in my left breast. When I had more tests, they showed nothing! I was also healed of arthritis and pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. I was filled with the Holy Spirit, which I had not received before.”—Shirley

3/19/07 Physical and Emotional Pain Gone
“Released of back, neck, and kidney pain. God also took my sorrow-filled memories and the suicide and death spirit from me. I know He will give me peaceable and quiet habitations. Praise my Lord, I love You, Jesus!” —Barb

3/19/07 Realigned Spine/Peace Restored
“The Lord realigned my spine rotated my left hip, and released my jaw and neck. I heard a crack in my right knee, which also needed healing. Peace flowed over me, freeing my mind from confusion and fog. He is restoring my strength to go to the nations.” —Gail

3/12/07 Leg Lengthened!
“I have been blessed by the Lord with healing in my left leg. The leg was lengthened to it’s proper length. Thank You, Lord, for healing the left shoulder, and for aligning my spine.” — Elizabeth

3/12/07 M.S. Improving
“I took seven healing cloths and put four under the sheet where my husband sleeps, and there in the pillows. He says he feels hot and heat flows throughout him. My husband has M.S. His mood swings are more even. Thank You, Jesus. I pour healing oil in his shoes each morning and his balance problem is improving.” — Patty

2/26/07 Bloodwork Normal/Tumor Stable
“ All of my bloodwork is normal and the tumor on my neck is stable. My feet are better, with less pain. Praise God!” —Glenna

2/18/07 Raunaud’s Healed!
“I believe the Lord healed the Raunaud’s in my hands and feet tonight. A curse was broken for me and mine.” —Vada

2/07 Arthritis Improved!
“The Holy Spirit bathed my body with His healing balm, lubricating my body and breaking up the arthritic deposits. My sore throat is also gone! Praise God—He is good!” —Katherine

2/12/07 Feeling in Upper Legs!
“God has aligned my spine and my legs are the same length! All scars where the bullet entered and exited in my spine are changing. I can feel nerves in my upper legs I never had before.” —Donna

2/12/07 Clearer Vision
“My eyes are seeing more clearly now.” —Beth

1/29/07 Healing of Ankle
“Before I went down for prayer I felt God’s glory on me. What a wonderful experience. I felt God’s presence. I felt God’s healing touch on my sprained ankle, and a release. Praise God!” ——Janelle

1/27/07 Joint Pain Gone
“During Healing School, a team leader called out “shoulder pain”. I had been experiencing pain on my left side: ankle, knee, hip, wrist, and shoulder. Throughout the training, it was like bones were moving in my joints. This morning all pain is gone.. Praise be to the Great Healer Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!” —Denise

1/27/07 Rib cage Healed/Breathing Restored!
“My horse crashed through a log fence, pushing my left rib cage in, and making it difficult to take deep breaths. On January 26th I was ministered to at the Healing School through a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal someone with rib cage damage. I went forward and felt God push my rib cage outward! It is so good to breathe. I give Him the glory and thank Him and His servants.” —Patty

1/127/07 Accident Injuries Healed
“I was in a car accident in Oct. 2000, injuring my back, neck and brain. Ever since my neck surgery, I have had difficulty swallowing. At the Healing School I was healed of that, and fear was broken. The second day of school the Lord healed my back, and I am giving all the Glory to God.” —Ruth

1/22/07 Generational Pattern Broken!
“Delivered from back pain. Broke generational curse of anger and genetic chain of anxiety attacks. I feel light and at peace, my body relaxed. I felt something leave that had cause tightness in my muscles due to anxiety and fear.” —Marcia

1/20/07 New Job!
“ In November 2006 I lost my job. I was given one month plus vacation severance pay. The saints began agreeing with me in prayer. Exactly two months later, January 15, 2007, I started a new job. I received a higher salary plus a sizeable bonus. Praise the Lord! I have tithed for many years. Malachi 3:11, “I will rebuke the devourer for your sake.” —Gloria

1/8/07 Salvation! Healing!
“ Received Jesus as Saviour and the joy of knowing I’m truly in God’s arms. I felt healed of the terrible sickness I no longer had. (cancer).” —Joan

1/15/07 Pain- Free/A Work in Progress!
“ I have been on a spiritual, physical, emotional and financial walk for over six months. This journey in prayer at the Healing Room has healed my physical pain, and I am pain-free most days. I expect to continue being healed. The other issues are a work-in-progress. I have no anxiety about what lies ahead. Hope, expectations, and continued prayer are the daily staples for my life today.” ——Jim

1/8/07 Heart Improved!
“I felt the presence of Jesus as I was being prayed over. My heart was healed to the point that I was relieved of the pain, pressure, and palpitations I had bee feeling. Praise God!” ——Peter

12/11/06 Pancreas Improving/Faith Increased!
“A CAT-scan revealed a large mass in my pancreas last summer. I specialized MRI CP showed a pancreatic duct tumor. Blood test numbers were abnormally high. After being prayer for twice at the Healing Room, I received a call from my doctor reporting that the blood numbers are now near normal. I am in a healing room process and give glory to the Lord. My faith has greatly increased.” — Marcia
1/22/07 Was to have a needle biopsy. However, the CAT scan revealed nothing in the pancreas, so no biopsy is needed. Totally healed, by God! I will get the doctor’s report soon.” —Marcia

12/4/06 Arthritis Gone!
“I had arthritis in all my joints. I came to the Healing Room and prayed for my healing. Within an hour of the team’s praying for me, the pain was gone. It has been three (3) months and still no pain. I am cured. Thanks be to God and the Holy Spirit.”— Christopher

12/06 Feet Stronger!
“I received healing in my feet. I can stand barefooted; as before I have had to wear a sole under my feet to walk. Praise the Lord!” —Lynn

11/27/06 Cancer Gone!
“On Oct. 31, 2006 my PET scan reported everything as normal. The doctor (oncologist) said I could go home, and I needed no further chemo treatments. I was to have 5 more treatments according to the doctor’s schedule. Praise the Lord— I give Him all glory.” —Pat

7/31/06 Back Pain Relieved, Leg Lengthened
“The Lord relieved the pain radiating from the lower lumbar/sciatic area. The warmth of the Lord’s healing power soothed the nerves and flowed down. He lengthened my right leg to align with my left. Praise the Lord for His loving kindness and mercy.” —Jaine

7/10/06 Husband Strengthened
“You broke— as vessels of the Lord’s anointing and hand—weakness in the men we’ve married generationally—by matriarchal too-strong women. Things changed at our house this week. I had physical weakness so my husband had to become strong. He had to jump in and wear all kinds of new hats. He showed a new strength like never before. Thank You, Adoni.” —M. Suzanne

6/26/06 Healed While Praying for Mother
“When as an observer and daughter of the one being prayed for, I was praying for Mom, you folks came and prayed for me, too....bringing the Lord and His heat into the left side of my abdomen. Praise You, Lord and thank You for all your vessels. I receive your healing hand, Lord.” —— M. Suzanne

6/26/06 Cancer Lesions/Tumors Gone!
“CAT scan on 4-18-06 showed lesions and tumors on liver and many lesions in pelvic area. (Had gone through the colon wall)— CAT scan on 6-21-06, no tumors or lesions in lower or pelvic area. Need continued prayer in reference to cancer in intestines. Chemo to begin 6-29-06.” —Pat

2006 Come, Holy Spirit
“Nearing 70 years old I have waited all my life for the Holy Spirit. I happened tonight, and the 70 years wait was worth every day.” —Don

10/20/06 New Job!
“I came for prayer on Oct. 23, 2006, and the team prayed for favor for a job interview in four days. Within the hour after the interview I received a call offering me the position. I started today, Oct. 30th. Praise the Lord who goes before and prepares the way for us.” ——Patti

10/28/06 Shoulder and Neck Pain Improved
“On 10-22-06 I went to the Healing Room for healing of my shoulder, and a sore neck. I felt warmth in the areas, and the pain in my neck was much better, as was the pain and range of motion of my shoulder. 10-28-06 Returned to the H.R. to complete the healing. God adjusted my leg and arm lengthens. They are the same length now!” —Glenda

10/06 Shoulder Improved
“I was blessed by the prayers impartation and words over me tonight. I felt the heat and oil of the Holy Spirit in my shoulder. My arm has less pain for sure. If I turn it so my palms are forward, I can raise it with no pain.” —Jacqueline

8/14/06 Feeling in Legs!
“I have been paralyzed since 6 months ago, as result of spinal cord being damaged by a bullet. No feeling from waist down. God’s in control of my healing, and I am noticing some REAL feelings in my legs. A neurologist recently did a knee reflex test. For the first time in my life, I felt the hammer on my knees, and they responded with a jump! God is healing me day by day! I wait with the expectant heart of His “little one”. —Donna

8/7/06 Head Pain Gone
“I was troubled with head aches; and after prayer, the pain was lifted away.” —Don

8/7/06 Delivered from Hip/Leg Pain!
“ Since Nov. 2005, I’d had a pain in the lower left hip area with pain radiating down the back of the leg. There was nerve pain and inflammation sitting or standing. Tonight the HR team discerned it was spiritual and cast out that spirit. The pain is gone. Though the team had no knowledge of my Lord-given dreams, in Nov. they confirmed them with a similar thing from the Lord tonight. Expose and take authority over it. Praise God!”——Deborah

6/28/06 Salvation!
“Katrina dedicated her life to the Lord today. God is starting a work in her heart, and is sure to complete very good work in her body. Amen.” —Chris

12/12/05 Normal Heartbeat Restored!
“I had irregular heartbeats for quite awhile and had been to several doctors. I was due for a check-up and had received prayer at the Healing Room. Instantly, had a normal heartbeat and it has been good for over 3 months now. God is good and can heal many things.” ——Todd

10/17/05 Bladder Cancer Gone! Foot Healed! Forgiveness
“In the summer of 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The last of August I came to the Healing Room. Before prayer team saw me I was worshipping in the sanctuary. I felt heat on my foot and leg (stress fracture of heel and knee pain) and all pain left....Healed! I had 6 chemo treatments for bladder cancer, but doctor revealed more cancer spots remained. More chemo was needed. After being prayed for, I returned to the doctor for further tests/surgery. No cancer! Praise You, Lord! Also, after the team prayed with me, I was able to forgive someone completely. God did it.”—Joan

1/1807 Cancer Healed—To God Be the Glory!!!!
“In the summer of 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The last of August I came to the Healing Room. Before praying for me one of the team members had me deal with anything that can block healing pain, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness I laid at the foot of the Cross, Freedom! While praying, electricity, shaking overtook the upper left quadrant of my body—I had a lumpectomy, there was no tumor. Subsequent tests have been negative. Marriage restored!” —Mary Ann

8/22/05 Baby’s Tumor Gone! Brother’s Hearing Restored
“My husband and I took our great-nephew to the Healing Room. He was born with a 1 1/2 inch tumor on his liver. He is turning one year old this week and is completely healed! His 7 year old brother has hearing loss and was prayed for. The doctor said his tests were normal, and he doesn’t need hearing aids. He was healed! Praise God! Thanks.” ——Karen

7/30/05 Endometriosis Healed
“I came in for prayer for endometriosis. The team prayed for me, and I physically felt change in my body. She said “The Lord said, “You are healed, and God is releasing joy.” I received that. Truly a confirmation of the goodness of the Lord!” —— Patricia

7/30/05 Back Improved/Pain Gone
“On July 30, 2005 I asked healing prayer for my back/spine and eyes. They had been impacted in a 12/5/03 auto accident. After prayer my back was healed, and I could stand up straight without leaning to the right. All pain is gone. I also believe that healing is begun in my eyes, and in God’s time, I can throw away my contacts. May Jesus be glorified for what He has done.” —Ron

7/22/05 Leg Lengthened!
“My left leg lengthened 1/4” It was broken in a 1974 car accident. Praise God! Had prayed for this many times before!” -Barb

6/25/05 Osteoporosis/Arthritis/Glaucoma Improved
“Neck and shoulders improved during prayers with team at Healing Room. Heavy weight lifted. 7/18/05: 1) “Glaucoma field test” Improved last year 2) Bone density test: Improvement in spine .2 worse in hips Doctor pleased with stability. Thank you for being there for me. Praise the Lord! —Mary Ann

7/4/05 Liver Healed!
“The doctor told me that I have either cirrhosis of the liver or hepatitis C. The Lord healed me through faith in Him and prayer from the Healing Room. My tests came out negative, and my liver is healed.” ——Terra

6/7/05 New Job!
“I was prayed for at the Healing Room last evening. I had been unemployed for 11 months and had little money left. The team was given several Bible verses. One was Song of Solomon 2:10-14. How quickly it came to pass! Today I was offered a position as an environmental scientist by a Christian consulting firm. I begin work on Monday. Thanks to God and the Healing Room people.” —Elaine

4/18/05 No Heart Problems!
“I first visited the Healing Room in March 2005. They prayed until I was able to receive. Last week, my son in Montgomery received a personal prophecy for me that was a confirmation of the Healing Room. “Son, your concerns for your mother now I am even healing her physically. She will be made whole.” Days later my Christian doctor identified my adrenals as being the problem and gave me 2 bottles of supplements. One year of “heart problems” are gone. No more cardiology appointments.” —Kay

4/18/05 Brokenness Healed
“My heart was broken from an abusive marriage. Emotional abuse—sadness inescapable surrounded me. Coming to the Healing Room, God has healed my brokenness and given me joy unspeakable. I know God is healing my relationship with my husband and I will be walking in His anointing in victory and gladness!! Thank you.” —Pearl

4/4/05 Spine Healed!
“My lumbar disk L 4+5 and L5-S-1 were void of fluid from overuse. As my group prayed I felt the Lord’s fingers on my discs. Heat poured down my lower back into the sacrum. I am healed! It’s been 23 years with pain. Now I am pain-free and healed in Jesus’ mighty name!”—Christa

2/28/05 No Cancer! Job Interview
“ I received prayer for a lump on my breast. The mammogram results showed no cancer. I have been unemployed for nearly two months. After prayers here, I got two phone calls this week for job interviews. Glory to God! Thanks, Jesus for Your grace and mercy!” — Virley

3/12/05 Eyes Improving
“ My eyes were prayed for last night— cataracts, night blindness, and extremely bad eyesight. Last night I drove Jean and myself home to Evergreen. I was able to see much more clearly than usual. I knew the healing for the rest is done— according to His Word and it will manifest.” —Lana

2/21/05 Marriage Restored
“ After four months of intensive prayer my husband and I have reconciled. We are on the road to restoration. God is so good!”—Julie

1/25/05 Cystic Fibrosis Healed!
“ My grandson less than 2 years old, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in early December, 2004. Re-testing and follow up testing were done in a couple of weeks at Children’s Hospital in Denver. I stood in for my grandson for healing at the Healing Room. One week later, doctors at Children’s Hospital were puzzled at their findings— My grandson did not have cystic fibrosis.” — Marsha

1/24/05 Spirit of Poverty Broken
“The Lord led your team to pray against a spirit of poverty. The next week I received a $500.00 bonus at work. The bank called me to correct a mistake that I had made and gave me back $28. Praise the Lord!” —Regina

1/4/05 Hearing Restored!
“ I have worn a hearing aid for many years, and have had severe hearing loss with profound tinnitus. At the Healing Room I was anointed with oil and prayed for. Partial hearing is restored, and I no longer wear hearing aids! Praise God! Tonight the team prayed for total healing and deliverance from tinnitus. I am a work in progress. I have faith that this will come to pass. Thank You, Jesus!” —— Jan

12/2/04 Back Healed of Pain/Hand Restored —Nov. 2004
”Pain returned unexpectedly in my back with the same intensity as 10 years earlier when it was injured. But this time I know that Jesus Christ is the Lord that heals me. I ended up in E.R.. On Monday I went to the Healing Room. Two days later my doctor released me to return to work. On 11th of Dec. I awakened with tingling in my hand. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Isaiah 58 regarding fasting and healing. Instead of lunch, I fed on God’s Word. Tonight my hand is normal again! God did a miracle!” ——Thomas 12/20/04

12/04 Baptized in Holy Spirit
“I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.” ——Carli

10/18/04 Pain in the Body/Shoulder-Improved!
“I had been having pain and stiffness, especially in my right shoulder. The morning following prayer at the conference I got out of bed without much discomfort. Later in the day the shoulder pain left completely! My body is getting better each day!” —Neta

10/12/04 Normal Kidney Function
“During the Cal Pierce conferences my kidneys, which had been diagnosed as 80% non-functioning started making large amounts of urine. They continue to function well today.” —Julie

8/23/04 Young Son and Daughter Baptized in Spirit
“ My 6 year- old son started speaking in tongues after the team prayed for him! Earlier it had been prophesied that he would be a voice to nations and win souls for Christ. My 10 year old daughter was also baptized in the Spirit and now prays in tongues for others.” —Irene

8/16/04 Life Changed
“God is great. He knows what we need even if we don’t know it. He has been healing me in many ways. Through the healing, not just ‘I am getting better’. I also see changes in my childhood and my family. Praise God for His healing.” ——Lih Juan

7/26/04 Burdens Lifted! Joy Reigns in Me!
“ I had come to be prayed for fear of dentist- visit to go. As they prayed I was slain in the Spirit. I felt such peace and a burden lifted from my shoulders. As they were praying, it was spoken that my burden’s would lift, back pain would disappear and I’d have more joy. Wow! I received so much more than I’d expected. Thank You, Jesus!” ——Mona

6/28/04 Enemy Routed!
“Jesus is stronger than the enemy. Nothing is too difficult for Him. He routed the enemy. None is more powerful than Thee, O Lord.” —Doris C.

6/7/04 God’s Grace in Trials
“ God has sustained me throughout our son’s death. My husband’s kidney transplant, unemployment, and now his shingles. After being prayed for at the Healing Room, I went home and laid hands on my husband and prayed. Now his kidney function is at the best level in the 6 years following his transplant.” —Marcia

5/23/03 Released to Teach Others
“ Not in a dry place, Father has given me teachings for others. Life-changing lessons. My wife and I have had many prophecies as to Father releasing us into full-time ministry, due to breaking contracts in our past. As we were able to live this work in our own lives we have been able to teach others with wonderful results. Praise God! “ ——J.D.

7/12/02 Kidney Function Improving!
“Five days after prayer, I awakened singing, “I am healed!” laughing with joy. I am proclaiming my healing ever since. This Thursday, my doctor checked my blood. My kidney function is improved, and my anemic blood levels have improved over 3 times the previous tests. Praise Jesus I am healed!” —Troy

6/21/02 Grateful for Healing Room
“ I want the Healing Room teams to know the importance of what you are doing. You have deeply touched me and others in my life. There are people out there who need what God and you are offering and giving. I am so lifted up and am able to bring the Lord deeper into my life, and to “roll over the evil one as never before. Your Healing School is amazing. I want to thank you for your deepness with the Lord.” ——Marilyn

3/22/03 Leg Lengthened/ Foot Pain Gone
“ I came for healing of tendonitis of the wrists and to lengthen one of my legs. The leg did lengthen, and I felt better in walking after that night. The big surprise was the next morning....when I got up I had no foot pain! (With plantar fascitis I could not walk well upon arising) —It had bothered me for 5 years. I’m standing on that healing.” ——Elaine